PNW CannaReviews did a follow-up review of the new look WeedWipes 100% Natural Resin Remover & Preventer formula and packaging and included a sneak peak of Canna Mags.

Hey PNW fans! Last year we tested out the WeedWipes resin cleaner and we became quick fans of the stuff! It just needed a few tweaks to be our preferred cleaner.

This is a follow up review for their new formula with new cleaning tools and this formulation is EVEN BETTER than the one we tried before! They’ve adjusted the formula of the cleaner itself and even give you a couple of magnetic shuttles to help clean out the inside as well!

Even better, put a couple of drops in your rig’s water and the resin or reclaim doesn’t even build up at all! Daily changes with hot water is all you need! We had almost 2 weeks of no cleaning before we had enough build up to force us to go through a cleaning process……and it was even easier due to the Weed Wipes in the water coating the inside of our rig!

This is DEFINITELY PNWCR Approved!! We highly suggest anyone pick up the Weed Wipes cleaner to have the easiest and fastest time maintaining your glass and keeping your smoke nice and fresh. Cleaning can be time consuming and Weed Wipes takes the chore out of this chore!

PNW CannaReview