How to Clean a Bong

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How to Clean a Bong

WeedWipes interview explains why natural and organic cleaner is better.

WeedWipes founder and inventor, Jim Berry, describes how WeedWipes works to remove and prevent resin from virtually any surface, including fabric, and why this natural and organic product is safer than traditional methods of cleaning your smoking devices.

How to clean a bong or water pipe using WeedWipes and Canna Mags.

How to clean a bong using the ultimate bong cleaning combination of WeedWipes Natural Resin Remover and Canna Mags magnetic scrubbers.
We show you how to remove resin from those pesky bends, nooks and crannies found in today’s popular bongs. WeedWipes encapsulates resin while Canna Mags scrubs the glass from the inside using powerful rare earth magnets.
Once clean, prevent resin build-up for good by adding a few drops of WeedWipes directly to the bong water. WeedWipes will encapsulate the resin as you smoke. A simple hot water rinse brings your piece back to sparkling clean condition.

How to remove resin from fingers, sink and brush using WeedWipes

WeedWipes resin remover and preventer cleans your bongs and glass pipes and prevents resin from sticking. All-natural, organic, odor-free, non-toxic resin cleaner works insanely well.

How to clean a bong and pipe with WeedWipes if you received a sample bottle

These videos show how quick and easy WeedWipes works. Never washed. Only pretreated with WeedWipes. Every marble represents a bowl smoked. Rinsed in hot water between sessions.

Weed Resin Remover

Chunk of sticky, gooey, smelly resin in the sink. It does work this well!!!

Clean a bong in just hot water!

The first test bong! Before it shattered it had over 60 bowls smoked through it. WeedWipes and hot water rinses it clean.

How to remove resin from a bong stem.

Hard to clean stem. Even the hardest to clean small pieces are wiped clean with WeedWipes.

WeedWipes Resin Remover and Preventer: Quick stem clean.

Quick one hit clean. This stuff really does work.

Rubber Grommet

Clean hard-to-reach places with WeedWipes.

WeedWipes cleans resin from almost everything!



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