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WeedWipes Launch Release 11/2014

Denver Area Inventor Launches New Product for Cleaning and Preventing Resin in Bongs, Pipes and even Fabric

Denver, CO, U.S.—1 November 2014—Denver inventor, James Berry has launched a new product for cleaning and preventing marijuana resin in bongs, pipes and even fabric.

WeedWipes is now available for retail or wholesale purchase and offers a non-toxic, completely organic option to cannabis users which cleans resin remarkably well! The all-natural resin remover and preventer will remove marijuana resin from virtually any finished surface; plastic, countertops, fabric, skin, virtually any finished surface safely and harmlessly.

Since WeedWipes was combined specifically to interact with resin it will prevent resin from sticking in water-pipes and bong due to molecular attraction. The resin actually prefers to stick to WeedWipes. Users can just add one to 2 drops per inch of length of a clean, warm water-pipe, bong or Hookah and smoke. When done, they simply rinse in hot water again and it comes back clean, ready to smoke and odor free. Just apply Weedwipes again, fill to normal level and smoke.

Weedwipes costs less than 25 cents per use to clean a bong and less than 8 cents per use to prevent resin in bongs. It is so cost effective that a single ounce of WeedWipes can “rinse clean” a bong for over 100 days in a row.

In an interview, Mr. Berry had this to say; “I hated cleaning my bong because it was a chore, made my kitchen stink and it was smelly again the next day! The cleaning products available were not a solution; they even stated ‘toxic if not used properly’ or could only be used on certain surfaces. Those cleaners were not something I wanted to touch, breathe — or release into the environment.”

Mr. Berry goes on to say, “I needed something that worked effectively but was natural, organic and safe and interacted on a molecular level with the resin, not just a chemical reaction of petroleum distillates to dissolve the resin. That is why I invented WeedWipes. The resin actually prefers to bind to the WeedWipes and that interaction allows WeedWipes to PREVENT resin from sticking in the first place—not just clean. I smoke out of a clean bong every day by just rinsing it in hot water for 20 seconds” explains Berry.

In developing WeedWipes, Berry says he wanted something that would be of benefit to the rapidly-growing legalized cannabis industry and that would not only be safe and natural, but also offer a substantial time-savings. The prevention aspect does just that, saving users the tedious task of effectively cleaning their smoking paraphernalia and providing the best smoking experience possible.

WeedWipes is headquartered in the Denver Metro area and customers can find out more information, watch video demos and order online at the company website: www.WeedWipes.com.

WeedWipes cleans resin from almost everything!



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Please call us if you have any questions, would like a sample, or need a complete explanation of how our products work. We are always happy to assist you.

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